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  • Mazda Sportscar Club Autocross (MAX) schedule at Bowie Baysox Stadium:

  • Katie Orgler - MSCW Autocross Coordinator

    MAX Registration
    Mazda Autocross (MAX) Ė
    • Mazda Sportscar Club Members
    • Non-Mazda owners welcome to join us
    • All experience levels (Novices, Intermediate and Advanced drivers)
    • Lots of friendly instruction, outstanding camaraderie, safe fun!!
    • Autocross consists of timed and fun runs on an enclosed course
    • Loads of seat time behind the wheel, usually six+ runs for each session, 12+ for the day
    • Morning, Afternoon or both sessions are available
    • See schedule above.
    • 8:15 for Morning participant arrivals
    • 12:30 for Afternoon participant arrivals
    • Prince Georges Stadium (Bowie Baysox)
    • 16501 Ballpark Road, Bowie, Maryland, 20716
      More Details:
    • Rollbars are not required for the autocross
    • Low center of gravity vehicle is required
    • Entire registration process can be completed online, no mailing required
    • The fee covers one session, either morning or afternoon, usually 6 to 10 runs.
    • An all day option is available for 12+ runs, but you will need to pay for two sessions. Indicate "Both" on your application.

    Questions: email our MAX coordinator Katie Orgler.

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    Start your engines for Mazda Sportscar Club Autocross (MAX). MAX will feature loads of seat time at the Prince Georges Stadium (Bowie Baysox) parking lot as MAX is designed for you to sharpen your skills while having fun applying your improved seat of the pants knowledge to full course runs.

    Autocrosses are timed events where drivers navigate one vehicle at a time through a course marked by traffic pylons. Autocrosses emphasis car handling and driver skill, vice sheer horsepower. Speeds usually do not exceed highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large number of elements packed into each course. Autocross courses are typically 50 to 70 seconds in length and clearly marked. Autocrossing is a good way to learn vehicle control applicable to daily driving.

    MAX events are renowned for how many runs you receive on-course. While the heats are timed, MAX events are designed for fast, safe fun and are non-competitive.

    We have arranged for Mazda Sportscar Club instructors to be on hand during the event.

    We have divided the event into morning and afternoon sessions to reduce wait times between runs. Traditionally, participants receive either six to eight runs in the morning or six to eight runs in the afternoon. If you want to run all day, 12+ runs, then you need to sign up and pay for two sessions. With quick course manning transitions between run groups, we have had 9 runs in a session.

    All experience levels can participate. Non-Mazda owners are welcome to drive with us as well, bring a friend. Passengers must must sign the insurance waiver, be 16 years of age or older and wear a helmet while riding.

    We welcome non-Mazda owners to participate in the autocross as well and visitors are invited to see what goes on at a MAX event.

    7:00 Course set up
    8:15 Morning Technical Inspections, paddock on the right side of the stadium upon entering the park
    8:45 Morning Driverís meeting, course walk
    9:00 Morning session cars on-course

    12:30 Afternoon Technical Inspections, paddock on the right side of the stadium
    1:00 Afternoon Driverís meeting, course walk
    1:30 Afternoon session, cars on-course
    5:00 Clean up

    All event details will be posted here.

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