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Convertible Top Replacement Demo

Headlight Restoration

Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington - Annual Picnic 2010

MSCW member Mark Goldberg is our resident videographer and created these wonderful videos.

Autocross Photos

MAX 41 pictures -- Photographer Nick Simmerer
MAX-24 pictures -- Photographer Aaron Yuliang

2005 One Lap of America Class Champions!

It's Official Now: MSCW Members Dave Henning and Crispy Regan, Team Nuke 'Em From High Orbit Wins First in Class by a ten-point margin! Congratulations!

Dave and Chris deserve tremendous credit for pulling together their campaign on short notice, competing in a beautiful 13-year-old mostly stock Competition Yellow Mica Mazda RX-7 R1, and finishing first in class in their first One Lap ever. Dave and Chris have shown they have the talent and fortitude to win. Congratulations!

  • One Lap of America

    Thanks to Bill Stuart for the daily updates.

    MSCW Members check out the new 2006 MX-5.
    Photo B. Bien

    Very detailed photos of the new MX-5 at the Alexandria Fire Station.M1 and M3 side by sides. Photos by Roy Wagner.

    Photos of the new MX-5 at Landmark. Photos by Clayton Webb.

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